LIFEsupport is our cause of action. We hope this call will make a difference in our culture, our community, and our generation. With your help LIFEsupport can impact thousands of lives.

At it's core LIFEsupport is an iniative to put your community first. To do what you can to make a difference in the lives around you.

Whoever has two shirts must share with the one who has none. LUKE 3:11A

Our Model

This is how we are living LIFEsupport: Each year we choose one group that will receive 60% of our yearly profits. We use a portion of each sale to create new lines and replenish stock, but the rest goes straight to our partners.

The Purpose

We hope that we can share the blessings God has given us to those in need. We hope this encourages you to figure out how you personally can give something to those in need as well. Lastly, we hope you never feel your contribution in this life is too small or insignificant to help your community, because if everyone gives a little, we don't need anyone to give a lot.

The Reason

We believe that God is in control and wants this of the company. This new donation model that benefits those in need is not something we were going to do. In fact, we were about to close the whole shop down at the end of 2013, but I truly believe God told me that this needed to be done.

Do not neglect to do good and to share what you have, for such sacrifices are pleasing to God. HEBREWS 13:16

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